Artist Statement

How do we cope; find comfort; find resolution? My work is a metaphor for transformation by documenting my life’s unfolding chapters and finding solace in the observation of moments that influence my path. It is a manifestation of the way in which I process apprehension and uncertainty. By interlacing memories with fragments of personal documents, unrestful thoughts and stories are acknowledged. Poignant narratives are woven into expressions of peacefulness and hope. Exposed emotions are stitched into antithetical forms that calm, soothe, and captivate.

The design process is a temporal escape — an environment where solitude is welcomed and quietness presents itself as aesthetic softness. My paper cutting technique parallels the psychological dissection of memories and anxiety. Piece-by-piece, the paper unravels into fragile remnants. The noise, distractions, and self-doubt dissolve as the paper transitions from sheet to strip to formal shape. My hands and breath align in a meditative rhythm, focusing on the connection between object and emotion. 

As my mind wanders from clips of the past to forecasts of the future, the paper fibers warp and weft into fabric; into object; into sculpture. Anxiety fades and regenerates as surfaces that allure and reassure. The pieces represent the fluidity and ephemerality of thought within the human mind. The material is renewed; the unrest resolved.