Artist Statement

My research explores the traditional book structure and storytelling presentation. Through a process of interlacing objects with narratives, my paper weaving technique attempts to redefine the commonplace book format. Each piece is crafted from paper – directly relating to the foundation of the book structure. Pages, bindings, and chapters are folded within each piece to represent the continuous possibilities of how narratives and memories are told.

The clock series serves as a response to a difficult, emotional experience in my life. During this period many supportive phrases shared with me included the word, “time.” In this collection, I attempt to objectify the stages, or chapters, I experienced through watches and clocks. The work represents personal narratives, memories, and the physical and emotional reactions I encountered during this specific “time” in my life.

Tree Rings
Expanding upon the clock series, I explored additional means through which we visualize time. My work transitioned from objects that represented my personal experiences to capturing nature’s way of tracking mornings, evenings, days, weeks, months, and years – recognizing how it relates directly to the human experience. Similar to what is expressed within the cross-sections of trees, we grow, and move forward with strength, courage, and perseverance through all moments – mundane and significant. Each experience leaves a unique ring; collectively, these marks form our personal chapters and stories.

The garment series embodies personal narratives and stories written by friends and family members. The text is printed and interwoven into handmade paper crafted from recycled cotton clothing. Each piece recalls a significant moment in which the author recalls exactly what they were wearing. The paper, acting as fabric, is layered with a narrative specifically tailored to the event. The garments reveal new beginnings, life lessons and notable achievements.